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Our Story

The story of Wishflour Bakery spans more than 13 years. Owner and dessert designer Marcey Mertens has been baking her entire life. From chocolate cake made in the kitchen with her mom as a child to first-day-of-school cookies for her own kids, wedding desserts for her niece to special celebration treats for her friends and family--all this time, over and over and over, she heard,

"You should open a bakery!"

So we did!!! A mobile boutique pop-up bakery that also does your custom orders & events!!!

Meet Rosie

This little camper has a story. Not just a story of its own, but a multigenerational story about love, family, and generations of sweet treats.

Rosie is our happy little mobile shop!  We bake oodles and pop up around town full of yummy sweets for you to buy! She is also available to come to your sweet events!

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